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Creating Sweet Solutions with Innovation and Reliability

Crafting the heart of confectionery wonders, our machines combine precision engineering with culinary artistry. At IBE, We believe that every sweet treat should be a masterpiece.

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Confectionery and Beyond: Engineering Excellence in Machinery

ILYAS BROTHERS ENGINEERING was founded in 1980 by Mirza Muhammad Saleem and co-founder Mirza Muhammad Ilyas, the son of Mirza Muhammad Saleem. With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a reputation for excellence, innovation, and reliability.
Our mission is to craft cutting-edge machinery solutions that shape industries. Since 1980, our dedication to precision and innovation empowers businesses worldwide. Elevate your operations with our expertise and experience.”
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High End Manufacturing Services Are Perfect Complement.


Crafting sweet delights from nature's bounty, Our confectionery manufacturing turns dreams into delectable reality. Every bite, a testament to tradition and innovation intertwined


Artistry in cocoa, we sculpt flavors into chocolate masterpieces. Every morsel, a journey from bean to bliss. Each bar sings of passion. In every bite, discover a world of elegance


From grain to golden loaf, we perfect the art of bakery manufacturing. Every batch, a blend of science, skill, and tradition.Each bite tells a story of tradition and warmth

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